Saturday, July 27, 2013

Off to California!

7-25-2013 Union Creek to White City, OR
The next part of the Adventure Cycling route goes up into remote steep areas with no services for about two days. There is just nothing there. We thought about it and decided to head down to Medford on route 62 instead. Maybe we are getting soft, but we are also getting wise. And we don’t do wild camping (Smile). 
It was mostly downhill to Medford, but really warm toward the end.
Rouge River in Prospect, OR

Lunch in Joseph Stewart State Park

Lost Creek Reservoir from Rt 62 bridge

We took route 62 down to Eagle Point and stopped in a visitor center for lodging information. It was about 100 degrees outside, and we were melting. We found a room near the Medford airport in White City. We figured the tent would be really hot until 4AM, so we would sleep better in a room. We did plan to take a day off in Ashland, so we have a short day tomorrow and Saturday off. Good thing, as the weather forecast is for 100 degrees Friday and cooling off to high 80’s after that. One other thing has come up, and that is red flag warnings for forest fires. That could change our trip dramatically. We’ll keep you posted.

7-26-2013 White City to Ashland, OR
A little urban exploring today. We had heard of the Bear Creek Greenway yesterday from a local in Union Creek. It is a 20-ish mile long bike route from Medford to Ashland. We got a flyer for it from the visitor center and off we went. We found a lot of homeless people hanging around it in Medford, and some of the locals warned us about them. No worries, they were just part of the local picture. We stopped at AAA to get some California maps and we were in Ashland by mid afternoon. We found our Motel and a little Mexican restaurant and all was well. I have been hungry for the last week, and this is one time that I can eat as I feel. I just need to keep cycling.

7-27-2013 Ashland, OR
A slow day. We walked to downtown and looked around. Ashland is home to a Shakespeare Festival, which goes on all summer. We visited one theater and walked around the park next door. 
Main Stage of the Elizabethan Theater

The air here is hazy, maybe due to fires to the north of us. It seems to be clearing up as the day goes on. Ashland is also home to Southern Oregon University. It reminds us both of other small colleges. A nice little college town. 
Southern Oregon University

Tomorrow we are off to head into California via Siskiyou Pass. We are getting close to 800 miles. That seems to be going fast! And the wildfire situation seems to be better today, with some rain to the south of us yesterday. Good news.

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