Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hello again from California! We are trying to catch up, but we are short on time tonight. So here we go...

8-7-2013 Tahoe City to Meyers, CA
A great scenery day, and getting to know Rt. 89 all over again. We left Tahoe City and followed a bike trail about half the way to South Lake Tahoe. Soon after the end of it, we had a short stretch of the Rt. 89 we have been on before. Narrow, twisty, high speed limit. But we got our shoulder back in time to enjoy the overlooks at the end of the lake. Emerald Bay is very scenic, and we could stop and park there only because we were on bikes. There was no car parking left. No worries. 
Emerald Bay View Point, South Lake Tahoe
Marty and Esther at Inspiration Point, South Lake Tahoe

We talked to a group of cyclists traveling together, and exchanged route notes. We stopped for lunch at Baldwin Beach and got free admission because we were on bikes. Good deal. 
Lunch at Baldwin Beach, South Lake Tahoe

After lunch, we started on one of the alternate routes suggested by the bike shop in Tahoe City. It worked very well! Low to no traffic and quiet. There were some challenges due to unmarked roads and a steep section, but no big deals. We only had to cross Rt. 50 to get to the campground, and that was enough for us. Once again we learned about trash and bears that night. Even after the camp lectures people about putting the trash in the bear proof dumpster, someone couldn’t get that done and we had a black bear come in and spread it around. I guess it had ribs in it. Yum. We had cleaned our camp really well and put everything inside the office. We had no visitors. We also could barely stay awake to 7:30 PM. Maybe the altitude? We are at 6300’. Or maybe just tired.

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