Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yosemite and done!

8-14-2013 Yosemite Village, CA to Mid Pines, CA

We slept in today and took the YARTS bus down to Midpines late this afternoon. The camp we were in last night is a staging area for climbs and wakes up early. The groups started leaving about 3AM, and when we got up most of them were gone. We spent the day visiting the sites here in the valley. The Yosemite Valley is surrounded by sheer rock cliffs which go up thousands of feet. We took a lot of photos.
The View from our Campground
Upper Yosemite Falls, No water...
The South Face of El Capitan
Half Dome
More Vertical Rock
We learned that the road to Midpines was fast, congested, and in a narrow canyon for miles. We smiled on the bus when we saw that first hand. Rt. 120 was also detoured about 15 miles south of the park  due to a huge landslide. So we are done! At least with the cycling part… Tomorrow we will take a bus to Merced  and pick up a car. That will speed things up!

Esther in a Midpines KOA Cabin

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