Monday, July 20, 2009

Ba Ha Ba, (Bar Harbor) Maine

We arrived in Bar Harbor two days ago and have been so busy exploring we haven't had time to blog. The day we arrived was rainy and foggy. We woke up the next morning to bright sunshine the forecast called for 2 days of beautiful weather. There is so much to do here that we decided to stay an extra day to get it all in.
On the first night here Marty decided to try a Maine dinner. Lahbsta (Lobster) and blueberry pie. They brought the plate and there sat this bright red complete lobster. Along with that came a lobster kit. A bowl, a tiny fork, a cracker, and a BIB. Marty looked at it for a second and decided as a modern man he should ask for direction on how to get at the meat. A server kindly showed him how the locals do it. After that it was all instinct, since Marty is a seasoned crab eater. Me, I'm not much of a seafood eater, so I tried a small bite of Marty's and guess what I'm still not a seafood eater. I think I would have trouble eating anything with eyes anyway.
Hi! (Marty here). It's been a few days so I'll fill you in on that. The weather is still on-and-off here. The last two nights before we got here it rained and we choose to get a cabin instead of tenting. The biting insects were also glad to see us, but we came prepared for that. We stayed an extra day in Rockport to rest up. They had a regatta for "Friendship Sloops", a sailboat made in the 1800's for local use in fishing and light transportation. We did get caught in a downpour on the way back.....
The campground life is interesting. Many nice families and retired couples are common. We even had an Elvis show at the last one! The rain showers during the day help us be freindly. We stop more and talk to the locals. The tandem rig is beyond belief to many people. I think being such a spectical keeps us safer in traffic. Don't get behind us at an uphill red light..... The last several miles into Ba Ha Ba (Bar Harbor) had some of the worst pavement on the trip and many Boston drivers. The rims and racks lived through it, but it was not fun.
We are in a room here (Ba Ha Ba), so we can stash the gear and walk around. The town has a free bus system that goes everywhere, so we could get a cheaper room out of town and go everywhere without tranportation. We took a tour bus up top the top of Cadillac mountain, which is the high point of the area.

Great views. Did I mention the weather? It is sunny and cloudless... A one in a hundred day here. We also took a tour boat to see the local coast which included Acadia national park, lighthouses in the area, and mansions of the ultra-rich (they call them summer cottages). Names like Rockefeller, Martha Stewart(Apparently crime does pay and very well I might add.)..... Wow. Today we will ride some of the "carraige roads" in the park. These roads are smooth gravel roads made in the 1800's for pleasent carraige travel (by the elite residents). It should be fun. We will start inland toward Quebec City tommorrow, and the weather should be back to "normal" by then (Cloudy, cool, 40% chance of rain).
One of the local sailboats!

See you soon!


  1. I love the bib Marty! I think you both have nailed the accent. I think the rules of the road need to follow the rules of the sea and all motorized vessels need to yield to non-motorized. I'm sure we would get support from the sailors. Enjoy!

  2. Your photos look beautiful. Never been there, makes me want to go there!
    BTW the post from K&K&T&G&M was actually from Kevin, Kathy, Tim, Garrett, and Maura. Again a MS glitch and not a user error!


  3. Beautiful! I hope the rest of your trip is as nice.
    What's a little rain on vacation? It is still a vacation!! Barbara

  4. Just read through all your blogs so far, glad to see you are having another fun adventure! May your safe travels continue.
    Mari Gibson

  5. Esther you have to stop starving Marty so much that he needs a bib when he finally gets a meal.

    I'm glad your having a good time, the pictures are beautiful!

    Your sister


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