Sunday, July 26, 2009

Do You Speak English?

We finally crossed the border in to Quebec Province today. Immediately, no one is speaking English and the signs are all in French. Fortunately, we are used to that from traveling in Europe.
When we left off we had just arrived in Bangor. We rented a car for a day and drove to the Eastern most point in the US. It was a light house just outside Lubec, ME. It was so cold and foggy that we took a few pictures and drove to Campobello Island.

This is in Canada, but has some neat US history attached to it. It is the place of the boyhood summer cottage of FDR. As soon as we crossed the bridge to the island we gained an hour. We were able to drive to the cottage and just barely squeaked in the door before they closed for the night. We got to tour the cottage,(34 rooms is more like a mansion to me) and take a few pictures before we had to let them lock up. I wish we had taken the time change into account, so that we could have spent more time there. The visitor's center had a lot of cool historical things in it.

The next day we had a long 70 mile ride into Greenville. Most of the road was in pretty good condition and we even cracked 50 mph. I was really uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure our helmets are not rated for impact at that speed, besides I thought I smelled something burning and was afraid we were going to blow a tire. Marty reminded me that I control the drag brake.
We camped that night with the threat of a storm after midnight. By 6:00 am nothing had happened. I thought we had dodged a bullet. At 6:20, it started to rain and it was a deluge. When we realized it was not going to stop, we decided to get a room and wait it out as the forecast for the next day was for better weather.
The next day it had stopped raining and we rode to Jackman. It was the best road we have traveled on to date. Good pavement, a good shoulder, and hardly any traffic. We were on the lookout for moose, but we never saw any. We saw plenty of hoof prints, so we know that they were around.

We are staying the night in a small town about 100 km from Quebec City. Tomorrow we will ride into Quebec and stay there for 3 nights. We are very excited to see the old city. We've heard from several people that it is just beautiful. We hope the weather cooperates and that we are able to get out and about.
Tonight we thought we would go for a walk along the river here in this town. We were watching this dark cloud come our way. Marty remarked that it was coming in a hurry. Just about then the sky opened and we, along with everyone else on the path, were running for cover. We got soaked, but it wasn't so bad because it is pretty warm here.

That's about all for now. Our next posting will come from Quebec City.

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  1. The trip is really going great it sounds. I'm sure you're hearing from folks back home and they are whining about it being too hot. Let's get together when we are all back home and take turns choking them okay? A very wet grey start to the day here in SE England but it is supposed to clear up later - would really like an entire day of warm and sun but I think that'll be mid-August back in the good old PNW. Having fun following your trip! Amy


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