Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bath, Maine

Another day, more rolling hills, and very bad roads. We did get rained on for the first time today, but it was a short outburst that soaked us then moved on. We put our jackets on, only to peel them off as soon as the rain stopped because it was too warm.
We rode through Freeport today. For the past few days whenever we told some one that we were going to go through Freeport, we were asked if we were going to go to LL Bean. So when we got there we stopped in front of the store and took a picture. Other than that the town is just an outlet store haven. People everywhere sporting shopping bags. We did find an out of the way bakery and coffee shop for a bagel and something to drink. Then we hit the road.
The roads continue to be very broken up and uneven. We cannot get any speed up going down hills because we are afraid that we may break something. Without using momentum down the hills the uphills are that much harder. We climbed a few pretty steep hills. Good thing they are not too long.
The misquitos (I'm sure that I am spelling that wrong.) are horrible. I have been bitten all over my body, including through my clothing. I'm going to have to dip my clothes in insect repellent if this keeps up.
Check out this picture of bike wheel art. This guys yard was full of sculptures made from bike wheels. It was amazing.


  1. Great blog Esther - thanks so much for taking the time to do it! Here you are on the road each day and doing updates while I am here in an apartment and can't seem to get one done every other week! Glad you are getting good weather - we had one great week here in the UK and now very iffy each day. Guess I gotta suck it up and get out there no matter what!

  2. K&K&T&G&MJuly 18, 2009 at 5:00 PM

    Hi Marty & Esther... I finally got to your blog today.. my wonderful MS email had been diverting them to the spam file! Sounds like your 2009 great adventure is having a number of memorable moments. comebacks for the she not pedeling comments.. He's been a bad boy! He was a bad boy last night! Weather in the NW remains good. yea climate change.

  3. Help, I don't know who this last comment is from???. Esther


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