Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hartford(Windsor Locks), CT

Here we are. We arrived last night at Bradley Airport along with all our bags intact. We ended up with 5 bags. 4 of them weighed in at around 45 lbs and then the wheel bag was the fifth. All bags had been opened and inspected by TSA. The inspectors need instruction on closing Ortlieb panniers. One of them was mashed closed.
We've spent the day putting the bike together and figuring out how to store the baggage for 6 weeks. We got a great deal on a storage unit. The are running a special. The first month is half price and the second month is name your price. The third month is normal rate. They are hoping people stay long enough to make it worth it. We got the first month for $20 and the second month for $10. That ends up being less than a dollar a day.
We have seen a mixture of weather today. Rain, thunder, lightening, and sunshine. When it rains here it means business. When its sunny, its hot! I'm sure that we will be in our coolest clothing with raincoats near at hand. It is supposed to clear and be nice for the next 3 days. I hope the weather people are right.
Marty has spent the day muttering and looking for bike parts as he is trying to assemble the largest jigsaw puzzle he has seen for sometime. Lest you think that I am slacking while the man does all the work, I've done several online tasks like find the storage, rent a car, buy lunch, find lodging for tomorrow night and lodging for when we return. Its all work, mine is just different.


  1. Have a great time! That sure did look like a puzzle. We will be off to Portland at 5AM Saturday and wishing you were here.
    Tom Baker

  2. I'm glad you arrived safe with all of the bike parts. Let the fun begin!

  3. I don't believe I'm engineer enough to put the bike back together.
    I'd would end up with a unicycle......


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