Thursday, July 2, 2009

We Crashed the 50lb Test

Last night we packed the trailer bag. We did a great job of it too. Problem was it weighed over 50 lbs. So now the trick is weight distribution. We have 4 bags, plus our carry ons. We need to get the weight of those 4 bags under 50 lbs. We'll do it.
Here is what our tandem looks like broken down and packed in its case. Pretty amazing don't you think?


  1. Are all the parts there?

  2. I'm still testing to see if others can post comments here

  3. Was wondering if there is an update. Did you get to the east coast or are you still at Sea-Tac trying to the tandem case down another 6 ounces?

    It's just super-fun here at the office today, Marty--too bad you're missing it:)

  4. I wonder how many balloons we can blow up in six weeks... Have a great trip.

  5. Good thing you have Marty to put all those pieces back together! Have a great time! Barbara

  6. Loved the pic of Marty getting pretty serious about eating his lobster. And I'm proud of you Esther for "trying" some of the lobster. Sounds like a fun trip. One I'd love to take, but not on a bike! I lived in Quebec City for about 4 months, but it was in the dead of winter, so I think that you'll experience it differently than I did. It's a beautiful place. Love, Diane


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