Monday, July 13, 2009

North Windham, ME

Another good day of cycling. We have now surpassed the 300 mile mark. We are having great luck with the weather. People here are sure that we brought the good weather with us as it was terrible in June and we had such nice weather in June. I think we will have more good weather than bad as summer goes on.
We went through Kennebunk before lunch, but did not go down to Kennebunkport to visit with the President Bush (HW). We were on a roll. The route today is designed to take us around Portland. I guess Portland is not very bike friendly and if the traffic in the outter suburbs is any indication, we are glad to be in the woods. The roads are getting worse as we go north. I'm sure it is due to the winters here. Todays pavment score is D+. We did have very low traffic most of the day.
Riding a fully-loaded tandem is an attention getter. We talk to many people during the day about it. Today we talked to a Dutch couple visiting the US and also a hearing-impaired woman. Fun. So off we go. We are expecting two more days of good weather before things go downhill. It looks like just thunderstorm activity. It is fun in a tent!

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