Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The bike mostly works!

Windsor Locks to Quinebaug, CT

Miles: 52 Time: 4 hrs 50 min Total Elevation: 3028 ft Avg Speed: 10.7

We rolled out of Windsor Locks at about 10:00 am. The sun was shining though the clouds and the forecast were threatening. We were cruising along nicely until the first small hill. Putting it into one of our favorite gears, Marty thought it would be a good time to practice standing with the bike loaded. Ooops we skipped gears, quickly unclipped and stood astride the bike, on the hill. We couldn't get it started again with out skipping the chain so we had to walk it to the top of the hill. Fortunately, it wasn't far. New chain, new cassette, new little chain ring, and one old and apparently very worn middle chain ring. So we spent the rest of the day using the big or little chainring. Tons of fun in rollers.
The country around here is beautiful. It is pretty rural with plenty of agricultural. Shade tobacco to be specific. If you want shade grown tobacco there is plenty to be found. If you want a bike shop to buy a new chain ring, good luck.
The people have been extraordinarily friendly. Even on very narrow roads, the drivers have been very courteous and safe when passing us. We've had people offer to help out if in any touble and they don't lock their doors around here. We are staying in a Bed and Breakfast on the Massachusetts border. The proprietor had to be out of town when we were arriving. She told us to go on in and to take the room on the 3rd floor. She told us she didn't do credit cards, only cash or check. We told her we would get cash as we didn't have a checkbook with us. She said "no worries, write me one when you get home." She said "I do that all the time and people always pay me." We got some cash. Our bike is sitting unlocked in her garage. I think that is a first for Marty.
Weather has been very iffy around here for the entire month of June. We lucked out today with temps in the low 70's and threatening clouds all day. We got to our destination before it started to rain, which it is doing right now. Tomorrow, Thursday is supposed to be nice with Friday being the best day of all. Temperatures will be mild and even kind of cold at night, mid 50's.
True to form, we got our first,"she's not pedalling" comment. We got the second one from a state patrol man of all people. Anyone one out there have a good comeback for it?
Tomorrow we literally go around the corner and we are in Massachusetts. Until then.


  1. Hi Guys! Of course the the easterners are friendly and trusting! Glad the trip has started out well. I'll going to study the anatomy of a tandem so I can keep up with your black - Here's to no more chain malfunctions of any kind!

  2. Just let them know that you have already had your turn in the front and your just resting for the next time.


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